How to choose the right power supply for the laser tube

The main specifications and models of the laser tube are based on the laser power as the most important basis. Common models are: 15W, 25W, 40W, 60W, 80W.
Laser tubes of different powers are mainly divided into different lengths. For example, the 60W laser tube is 1200mm or 1250mm, and the 80W length is generally 1600mm.

If the current exceeds the normal working current of the laser tube, it will reduce the life of the laser tube. Choosing a more matched power supply, in addition to the current cause, the operating voltage also has an impact. Generally speaking, the laser tube and power supply with higher power have larger working voltage and ignition voltage. If the power supply is not matched, the laser tube will not be able to emit light or the power will be low, or the laser tube will be unstable, which is directly reflected. The cutting effect is not good.

Simply put, the amount of power of the laser tube corresponds to the amount of power of the power supply.

Please select the appropriate power supply according to the following figure

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Is it true that the higher the power of CO2 laser the larger the " dot " they create? Or better said, the higher the CO2 power results in lower dpi or lpi resolution ?
For our new line of products, we need to engrave very small and detailed characters. The Laser community members have mentioned that for maximum laser resolution I should avoid 80W Co2 and above.

Hello, Cranked, you are right. In addition, the higher the power, the greater the thickness that can be cut.