The after-sale process of RECI Laser tube in insurance

1.The customer provides laser tube problems (broken, leaking, abnormal light spot, etc.) and labels (model number, tube number) in a video.
2.If the light of the laser tube is weak, it needs to refer to the power detection video of RECI and provide the detection video for evaluation.
3.If the laser tube does not light, first of all, it is necessary to prove that the power supply is without any problem. Press the “Test” button of the power supply (unplug the signal end plug) to prove that the laser tube does not light (large probability of the laser tube problem).
4.After evaluating the problem of the laser tube, the customer is required to break the laser tube (pay attention to safety) and take photos. The photos should show the ends and labels of the laser tube, and the label and tube number information should be clearly displayed.
5.Provide customer receipt information and communicate with customer about the declared value (related to tariffs).
6.Supplier or own warehouse supply the product again, and provide relevant information for registration (according to the platform product after-sales record sheet).