Switch to manual mode, press the Z+, Z- buttons on the operation panel, Z Shaft motor does not move

1.Possible cause analysis of failure:
a.The switching relay did not switch successfully.
b.Z-axis hard limit enable or limit polarity setting is incorrect.
c.The Z-axis format is set too small.
d.The Z-axis motion mode is set to jog mode, and the jog distance is too small.
a.After pressing the switch, observe whether the contacts of the relay are properly engaged.Click the switch is normal, it means the switch function is normal.
b.First, do not enable the hard limit for testing. If it can move normally, it means that the limit polarity is set incorrectly.
c.The Z-axis format can be set to a larger value, such as 10000.
d.Set the motion mode to continuous motion mode (the jog distance is 0), and test whether the motion is normal.