Settings for Jetblack marking on stainless steel tumbler

Hello everyone, I am needing settings or a step in the right direction. I have a QS-30 from cloudray and I am needing settings to get a jet black finish on a stainless steel tumbler on the rotary. I’m either getting extreme ugly burns or kind of dark but burns the edge around the engraving area finishes. I’ve tried various settings on both my F160 and F290 lenses. My settings are based around 500 S 100 P 50 F with a .005 lpi (all in focus). Please if anyone could recommend me some settings to put me in the right direction that would be most appreciated. Thank you!

To fast to high. And on focus
Try this setting

Focus +3 mm
Speed 50 mm/s
Freg 25

Line 0254 [1000 dpi]

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If you getting sparks or sound to hard then your not out of focus enough.
Normally 1 pass will be enough

If its done right you cant feel the engraving :wink:

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Thank you very much! Ended up finding the desired finish after using your parameters and playing with the power, ended up landing on 45 power and it was perfect. Thank you again!

Nice, clad to help you. :+1:
Please post a photo so members can see the results alsi :wink: