Rotary Engraving

Can anyone educate me on why these lines are staggered and non consistent? This is on a test tumbler with a 5mm split.

You can try to change this parameter.

For logo i always use same split as line distance. ( 0.02 ) on rotary mark. It take more time but a pro results. I only use split ( even in rotary mark) in text where the letters are separated. In this case I use the split lines in the rotary mark.

Hi Rachel, thanks for the info. Im really not sure what that parameter is for. I did what Rick suggested and it worked perfect.

Hi Rick, thanks so much!!! That workes absolutely amazing and perfect. It takes longer but the quality was amazing!!! THANK YOU!

Nice rvking! you can use any line pace, 0.02 - 0.03 - 0.05 … just insert same value in rotary. You could test another trick, In some cases like… logos with thick lines you can work out of focus. Wen the laser is out of focus the laser spot become bigger, so you can use a bigger line space. This makes marking faster.

Thanks for the tips, Rick. I appreciate it.