Replacement Power Supply

Hey Folks. My 50W Raycus is not working as designed. I’ve checked the voltages listed on the power supplies and found that the 15 volt supply is intermittent. I’m assuming it’s the supply and not something down range from that. I’ve tried to source a replacement from Cloudray but they do not list this unit. The part number from the installed unit is LD60W-DL-G (15V, -15V @2A). I’m dead in the water and need to get back online. Does anyone know where I can source a suitable supply??? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

You can look for this model online, Cloudray does not currently have this model

Thanks Joannes1. That supply is also not available that I can find except for Aliexpress which shows a long delivery time. I appreciate your response. Still dead in the water and waiting for Cloudray response.

This is the only stateside supplier that has a dual output 15V power supply. The only drawback is you might have to move some items around in the case as it is much longer than the 60W that it shipped with. CR was great by the time i had ordered one CR ended up sending me a replacement and it was here in 4 days from china. IF they don’t come through this might be an option. NEW MEAN WELL RID-125-1515 125w15V4A/-15V4A power supply | eBay

Thanks Arctix.
I reached out to Digikey and spoke with one of their application engineers (great experience) about my problem. He found a replacement for me but unfortunately, it is not a one for one swap out. However, it is smaller so it does fit in the case. Also, is does not use screw terminals so a plug should be sourced with wires already installed (pigtail). The supply is US made by Integrated Power Designs and is model GRN-80. A data sheet is available from Digikey and the cost is more than the original supply but still reasonable and they are (were?) in stock. I swapped my failed supply with this new model and did a long burn yesterday with no problems. Thanks for the follow up.

Try this site. datasheet (

Hey Folks;
Finally received a replacement from Cloudray at no charge so back in business. Many thanks for the input.