Defective 150W MYJG CO2 Laser Power Supply

Order/Invoice ID:17917

Issue Product Name: Cloudray 150W MYJG CO2 Laser Power Supply With LCD Display

Issue Description: DOA

Issue Scenario(Appears on first use OR Appears after a period of use):
We have been troubleshooting with Thunder Laser Support. We received the 150w LPSU and installed it but is DOA. We are getting power to the LPSU, the lcd screen and fans are on and the laser tube high voltage circuit is good, but the LPSU will not fire. We disconnected the 6 pin control plug and used the test fire but show 00mA current.

I placed another order, and paid full price as I hadn’t heard back from you re: the defective one not working.
Please a) expedite shipping so we can get new one and b) work on getting us return label etc. so you can process a refund for defective power supply please. We have emailed support but have not received anything back about a RMA or replacement.
New order Order #18017