Raytools BM114S selection 6 models

1.How to choose?
FSCUT open loop system (FSCUT2000, FSCUT3000, etc.) uses position loop (FSCUT);
FSCUT closed loop system (FSCUT4000, FSCUT8000, etc.) uses speed loop (FSCUT);
Imported systems (Beckhoff, Mitsubishi, Siemens, etc.) use a speed loop (F100) and add an additional ETC-F100 controller for connection to the W-axis control port.

The imported system is generally only equipped with 4 axis control (X axis, Y axis x2, Z axis), so an additional ETC-F100 controller is required.
The difference between the speed loop and the position loop (matching FSCUT system) is that the built-in burning program of the Yaskawa driver that comes with the cutting head is different.

The focal length is divided into 150 and 200mm versions: For cutting thicker metal plates, the F200 version is recommended.

2.Follow-up part explanation
The cutting head BM114S does not contain any follow-up components. Do you need to configure additional follow-up components: If there is no follow-up, you also need to purchase an additional follow-up system (height controller), the follow-up system includes a height controller and a signal amplifier (similar to BCS100).
If the bus system, it can be equipped with Raytools’s follow-up components; non-bus system Raytools has no solution for the time being.