Need help selecting laser head


Im biulding my own fiber laser cutting machine and need help to select a head.
My plan is to use 1kw source (may be raycus) for cutting up to max 3mm stainless and up to 6mm mild steel. Could you please recommend which head might be good for my application?


Hi fines,
As for your demand,we recommend you to choose the Raytools BT240S.This laser head apply to the working requirement that less than 2 KW,and you can use three specification of focal length,125mm,150mm and 200mm.If you want to to know more,please click this link:Cloudray Raytools BT240S 0-2kw fiber Laser Cutting Head – Cloudray Laser

Thank you for suggestion. Another questions - which focal legth would be best to me?
What other users typically use and which one is most common or standart?
And what is the difference between cutting with 125mm,150mm and 200mm focal lengths?

Hi fine,
We recommend you to choose a laser head with a focal length of 150.The focal length you choose mainly depends on the thickness you want to cut.The thicker the material to be cut, the greater the focal length.Most of the other customers whose demand is similar to you choose this focal length and it’s useful according to the feedback.