New protective cover is missing pieces

Order/Invoice ID: 12133

Issue Product Name: Cloudray Laser Machine Protective Cover For Litemarker

Issue Description: Hi, I just got the box today.

  1. Box is missing the 4x horizontal extrusion pieces and their L brackets for front/back sides (door/exhaust sides).

  2. Top piece dimensions/holes also seem wrong… do you have assembly drawing?

Issue Scenario(Appears on first use OR Appears after a period of use): Missing pieces in the box

Hello Jrob
I am verifying for you, and we will reissue any missing parts for you. We have an installation video and I will post it to your mailbox later.

Can you take a photo to show all the received items? I will confirm it for you.


here are the items I received:

1x Left side (extrusion framed)
1x Right side (extrusion framed)
1x Front door (no frame)
1x Back panel (no frame)
1x Top piece (~15.5" x 14.5" size, the hole spacing is about ~13.5"x11.5" seems small)
1x Allen wrench bag



Please confirm, are these four components missing?


Thanks, yes I think those are the missing pieces (also any screws needed for them). Please send them UPS or DHL to the same address as the first shipment:


Okay, we have already packaged it for you and will send it out soon. Sorry for our negligence.

Has it been shipped yet? Thanks


Hello John,We sent it out on December 31st,Haven’t you received it yet?I will help you check the logistics information later.

Thanks, I have not received it yet, please send me the tracking number


Sorry for the late reply:UPS—1Z4FX1010449205542