Lenses and rotary help

Order/Invoice ID:26107

Issue Product Name: MP-60

Issue Description:
Just wondering if this K9 M85 F160 lens is supposed to fit in my machine. It is very different from the lens that came installed (on the left.) I looked at documentation and don’t see what type of lens (M39/M55 or M85) is supposed to work.

I am also having trouble getting the rotary to work properly. When using the rotary the image gets compressed along the rotating axis. At first I thought it was from not having the steps set correctly, but a test at 12800 turns once exactly. I wanted to try the other lens to see if that did the same but it doesn’t seem to work with my machine.

Thanks in advance for your help!

This can be taken down.

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Got it, thanks. I didn’t realize the ring comes off.

Thank you,