Laser Tube size?

Good day you All.
Call me stupid !!!.
My laser tube model number is a 12000LC. That’s all I know.
Can somebody please tell me what size W this tube is ?.

Can you provide the picture of the laser tube?


Please find attached


Hello,I found this laser tube for you on Google,CL 1200 60W 1200*55mm.But we don’t have this, we have reci and cr on our official website.CO2 Laser Tube

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Hi All

Seems I have small 60W tube, I need to upgrade to a bigger tube.
If I upgrade my 60W tube to a 150W tube, will I need to upgrade something els on my machine to make it work correctly.
Im cutting 40mm of Acrylic and my lens is a 2mm ET2.0mm FL101.6mm.

Can anyone give recommendations me better idea what to upgrade
Thank you

RECI W6 is the most suitable 130-160W L1650 D80

What is the watt of your current power supply? It must be replaced too, 150W MYJG is an option.