Advice for upgrading a laser tube

I have a 60W black and red OmTech laser with a rudia controller. It has given me a lot of issues and the tube just died. I want to upgrade to an 80W tube but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. My last one struggled to cut through thicker woods as time went on. We cleaned all the mirrors and checked the focus with no luck. This is part of the reason I would like to upgrade but I do a lot of engraving so would it be better to stick with the 60W?

If I do upgrade, I know I will need a new power supply and possible mounts and the extension box. Do I need to be able to raise my mirrors? I need like a DIY for Dummies video on this.

Is there a tube/power supply combo that anyone would suggest?

I don’t work for anyone, I’m retired and I use an ssl (diode), co2 and fiber machines as a hobby. This is my opinion…

Maybe a good idea to work out some of these issues before any major upgrades?

If you use Lightburn, their forum is very informative.

This is rather relative… what is thicker wood? 2x4?

I’d mention a couple things about moving to an 80W tube. First it’s about 1250mm in length, so you’ll need an extension for it…

I have a longer tube, I could never find an extension cover… ended up 3d printing one and it was a short cover not like you’d need.

An 80W tube is usually about 80mm in diameter compared to either the 50 or 55mm tube you have in there now.

You would need to not only lower the mounts, but get ones that will allow the 80mm diameter tube.

A change in Z direction of 80mm - 50mm = 30mm / 2 is a 15mm change in Z you’ll have to contend with.

Even if you can raise your mirrors, I highly doubt you can raise mirror 3 and the head that’s usually bolted to it by this much without some major changes.

To try and locate mounts, measure the distance from the case (lowest part where the tube sits) to the bottom of the tube. Mounts have to be able to fit in there with the change in height and diameter allowed. You can at least see if you find mounts… usually what I’ve seen is there really isn’t enough room… but all these are slightly different.

If you go to an 80W tube you need at least an 80W supply for it…

IMHO… stick with the 60W…

Good luck whichever path you choose.