Laser randomly fires at 100%

Hi all,
I have a D.I.Y. build 130W with a Cloudray MYJG-150W.
Everything has been running great for a few weeks and now the laser will only fire at 100%.
Anyone able to help with this one?

There are two control lines to the lps from the controller…

L-On1 which enables the laser to fire and LPWM1 which is the percentage power.

Without the lps powered up, you can check the L-On1 at the controller or at the IN input of the lps. It’s a ttl type signal, although it will respond to an analog voltage, so it’s range is 0 to 5V.

At 50% power it should read @ 50% power, 50% of 5V or 2.5V… The pwm on a Ruida runs as soon as the machines goes into run mode. It’s constant throughout each layer.

The L-On1 needs to pull L on the lps low to cause it to fire.

These two are easily checked with a voltmeter.