Cloudray 80W 115/230V MYJG

I have been trying to find out if there is a way to turn down the power supply to match my tube. I did a ramp test and my tube is rated to max out at 26ma but the controller is only at 70%. I want to make 26ma 100% so no one over drivers the tube. Is this possible?

This type of change cannot be done in the software settings, the software does not support this

Most of these lps have an internal adjustment for current limiting. On mine, you have to be a contortionist to reach the adjustment…

This is mine, viewed from the rear, the Ruida machine console it at the far back top of the photo…

I was advised on mine to set a 50% pwm signal and adjust the current to 50% of maximum you wish to run.

Once adjusted, it will produce 50% current with a 50% power level setting in the software.

My maximum was specified at 21mA, so I set 50% pwm for 10.5mA…

Good luck