Ruida RDC6445S not working the way I expect it to

I connected the laser, and using the wiring diagram from the RDC6445G manual, I was not able to make the laser fire. The stepper motors moved as expected but it just would not fire the laser.

I created a file in light burn to cut a square, that was set to fire the laser at 20% power. I changed the settings to have both lasers on and on low. I unplugged the connector from the controller unit and using a multimeter on the appropriate pins I observed the following readings while running my cut a square file;

LON 4.55volt changed to 0.23volt (this is correct, voltage is dropping to fire the laser)
LAN 0.02volt changed to 0.25volt (this does not look right, it should have a larger range then this)

LON 4.58volt did not change and read the same voltage (clearly not working, this should be dropping to less then a volt)
LAN .02volt changed to 1.07volt (This looks correct the software was requesting 20% power on the laser)

This means the “Laser ON” is working on CN5 but not on CN6, and the LAN(analog signal for the laser level) is not working on CN5 but is working on CN6

I then set both lasers to High and got the following numbers on the multimeter

LON 0.23volt changed to 4.56volt (for High the voltage should go up and this looks correct)
LAN 0.02volt changed to 0.25volt(again, this should have a larger range for 20% power request)

LON 0.23volt to 0.23volt(no change, this should be delivering almost 5 volts and dropping down to fire)
LAN 0.03volt changed to 1.07volt (This looks correct the laser is being asked to fire at 20% power)

I restored the the settings to both lasers on, and low and then I wired the LON(Laser ON) to CN5 and the LAN to CN6 and its seems to be working but that seems really wrong to me.

It reads as if the device is not working as it should, and I’m concerned about how it will work over time. Does anyone know much about this Ruida RDC6445S controller and if this is normal wiring?

pictures of the wiring attached

It may be a problem with CN5 and CN6 solder joints or a definition fault. It is not recommended that you use CN5 and CN6 together. If it is judged that the control board is faulty, we suggest that you contact the vendor directly to send you a new one.

Thanks for the reply, I reached out to cloud ray and getting the unit replaced.

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Agreed, however, I’d move it from the analog output for laser 2 to the LPWM1 of laser 1. It doesn’t seem to make any difference on todays lps if it’s analog or digital input to the IN terminal.

My China Blue is wired with the LPWM1 → IN of the lps…

@lucas is probably right, spanning across two device outputs is probably not a good idea.

Good luck.