Laser always fire at max

Hi all,

Have a 1390 chinese machine with a 130w laser tube and a Ruida 6445G and need to replace the PSU, so i bought the MYJG-150W from Cloudray…

After replacing the PSU i did this connections:

CN5 - PSU:
GND to G
L-On1 to L

i think this is ok, but what happens is that when i send a file via lightburn, no matter if i put 10% power or 50% or 80% it will always fire on max (19mA as i can see in the PSU display)… my engraves are too deep!

can someone help me please?attached goes a pic of my vendor settings on LB

vendor 3

Hi sir, please try again after replacing it with your old power supply. If the problem is solved, then you need to determine that the new power supply is not compatible with your machine or that there is a problem. If it is a power quality problem, according to your prompt, you have purchased a Cloudray power supply from Amazon, then you need to contact Amazon customer service to confirm the batch and model of the power supply. Cloudray official website cannot inquire about non-official website orders, nor can it provide you with the next after-sales service.

There are two things you can check:

  1. Make sure the jobs are not set to default setting which use the machines Speed and Power settings. In Lightburn they are found in the Cut Settings editor (double click on a layer). You can also change the setting on the machine for the power via the Control panel to 10% and run a job. If the current is lower then you are on the correct path.

  2. When I replaced my failed generic HV-PSU to a CloudRay MYJG-50W, the wiring was different. This is based on a Ruida 6442 controller.

The 6 pin Connector on the new HV-PSU needed to be connected as follows:
H - Not Connected
L - CN5-2 L-On1
P - Connected to G
G - Connected to P and CN5-1 GND
In - CN5-3 LPWM1
5V - Not Connected.

Hope that helps, but any changes you make to the wiring are at your own risk.
By the way, your laser settings look fine.