Issue with driver CLE -23 and closed loop stepper motor

I checked everything for the last few days.

All wiring seem to be OK, but the motor start up then imediatly gives error and stop.

Please see the youtube video

Please advise


Hello [Philip]
Sorry for the late reply. Does the drive provide warning information?

I doubt if there is an error in the wiring.

Thanks everyone for replying.

Apology for my post as I just noticed this is a laser related forum.

I bought the cloudray motor as a single motor not within a machine.

I was able to run the motor properly using grbl(Arduino controler) but I could not run the motor using linuxcnc/parallel port.

In all cases my apology if my post is not related to this forum.

I sent e-mail to cloudray, and the email is under process.

Best regards


It doesn’t matter Philip, as long as you have purchased our products on the Official Cloudray, you can speak freely. If you encounter any problems, you can contact us at any time, and we will try our best to solve them for you.

Does anyone know which software to use to configure CLE-23 driver?

Having connected the stepper motor we are now ready to control it from the PC. For this you will need to install the AutoStep software that comes with the StepperBee.

I mean a software for changing internal parameters of CLE-23 driver, for example, a position and velocity loop proportional coefficients. A program like a ProTuner from Leadshine.