HY-Z series power supply is connected to Ruida RDC644X

1.Physical connection

2.Software settings for RDworks

3.Display effect

  1. The function information is displayed as: power supply output voltage (the output voltage of conventional laser power supply can not be detected, this power supply can be directly detected), output current, control voltage, power supply operating temperature, high short circuit, etc.
  2. The blue area (vertical) on the screen is the information display feedback, specifically: water cooler failure alarm, laser power
    Source failure alarm, laser tube failure alarm, laser tube leakage and over-voltage protection alarm (after laser tube leakage is difficult to judge, it can be detected by the digital change of the output voltage of the power supply.
  3. The screen of each board card can display the power information of two lasers, avoiding the trouble of using two ammeters for the double-head laser machine.