How to install the lifting kit

When I wire up the motors per the video, they still turn in the same direction!

I had to swap the A and B connections. ie.
A+ (motor 1) with B+ (Motor 2) for A+
A1 (motor 1) with B- (Motor 2) for A-
B+ (motor 1) with A+ (Motor 2) for B+
B- (motor 1) with A- (Motor 2) for B-

Is this correct and OK?

Motor Current in Video says 5.4A, stamped on motor is 4A, what do you recommend I use?


Hi Gordon,
Sorry i don’t understand what you mean,We think the direction of rotation of these two motors should be the same, so as to ensure that the Z-axis platform runs in one direction.
The wiring method is shown in the video. For each motor, there are two possibilities for A+ and A-.But you should make sure that you should choose the same wiring method for the two motors when you connect the motor to the drive.

As for the motor current,you can see there is a table at the back of the drive.If your current stamped on motor is 4 A,you can select the nearest one according to the table.

If you have any other problem,please post here,we’ll provide you with a solution.

Have a nice day!

I wait till I get to my own build on this, at the moment I am just bench testing motor connections. From video, it implies that motors must turn in opposite directions: See timestamp 4:20 in video.

Hi, I just installed my Cloudray Lift kit and I tried several different stepper connections and ended up having them connected the same way. Both motors wired in parallel. I didn’t switch one from A+ to B+ nor A- to B-.
They seem to work fine and move the bed up and down.

If you think about it, it makes sense being the the belt system is a mirror of the other side so one side is moving in the opposite direction even though the steppers are moving in the same direction.

I hope that helps.