Fiber laser hatch problems

I recently got a 60w MOPA fiber laser from Cloudray and it worked amazing but I got a new 110 mm lens, (my old one was 300mm) and now it does not engrave uniformly. It is all correctly focused and everything, but no matter what hatch I tell it to do, it does 2 lines that are the correct hatch and then a space, and then another 2 lines. I have no clue what is going on. I have only had the laser for a couple weeks so I’m not sure if there is a hidden setting or something. Any advice would be appriciated.

List your parameter settings picture.

I got it figured out

Good luck. Can you share it with me?

This reply is useless to everyone …

Don’t ask on a public board if you don’t want others to know the fix, that is the whole purpose of this sites.

You can be a help or hindrance to other users… this is a hindrance.