CO2 Laser Alignment

(1) Adjustment of the first light

Stick paper on the dimming target hole of reflector A, manually tap the light (note that the power should not be too large at this time), fine-tune the base of the first reflector frame and the laser tube bracket, so that the light hits the center of the target hole. Note that the light cannot be blocked;

(2) Adjustment of the second light

Move the second mirror frame to the remote, use a piece of cardboard to emit light from near to far, and guide the light into the cross light target. Because the remote light is inside the target, the near end must be inside the target, and then adjust the near and remote spots To be consistent, that is, how far the near end is, and how far the far end is, so that the cross is at the same position in both the near end and the remote spot, which means that the light path is parallel to the Y-axis guide.