Light Path Adjustment

Light path adjustment

Mirror A

  1. Light target holder 2. Reflector 3. Extension spring lock screw

  2. Adjustment screw 5. Adjustment nut 6. Lock screw A

  3. Lock screw B 8. Adjustment screw M1 9. Mirror lock piece

  4. Adjustment screw M 11. Adjustment screw M2 12. Extension spring

  5. Mirror mounting plate 14. Support plate 15. Base

Mirror B

The mounting base is different from the A frame, the rest are the same

1.Mount the base plate (movable left and right) 2.Tighten the screws

Mirror C

  1. Mirror adjustment plate 2. Mirror 3. Locking screw

  2. Adjustment screw M1 5. Mirror adjustment plate 6. Mirror pressing plate

  3. Adjustment screw M 8. Locking screw 9. Adjustment screw M2

(1) Adjustment of the first light

Use masking paper to stick to the dimming target hole of the reflector A, and manually jog the light (note that the power is not too much at this time), fine-tune the base of the mirror A and the laser tube holder, so that the light hits the center of the target hole. Note that light cannot be blocked.

(2) Adjustment of the second light

Move the mirror B to a remote place, use a piece of cardboard to emit light from near to far, and guide the light into the cross light target, because the remote light must be inside the target when the remote light is inside the target, and then the near end and the remote light spot are adjusted to be the same That is, how to deviate at the near end and how to deviate at the remote end, so that the cross is at the same position in the near end and the remote spot, that is, the near (far away) indicates that the light path is parallel to the Y-axis guide.

(3) Adjustment of the third light (Note: the cross divides the light spot left and right)

Move the mirror C to the remote end, guide the light into the light target, and hit the target once at the entrance end and the remote end. The position of the contrast cross is adjusted to be the same as the position of the cross in the near spot. At this time, the beam is parallel to the X axis. At this time, the optical path is inward or outward, you need to loosen or tighten M1, M2, and M3 on the frame B.

(4) Adjustment of the fourth light

Use a piece of textured paper to stick to the light exit, make the light exit hole leave a circular mark on the adhesive tape, jog the light, remove the adhesive tape to observe the position of the small hole, and adjust M1, M2, and M3 on the frame until The light spot is round and straight.

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