Changing PWF

I have trouble cutting some materials (like sheet cork) which want to “char” rather than cut cleanly. No combination of power and speed, or multiple passes gives a clean cut. The default PWM setting on my machine (LC6090) is 20000. I have been told that lower PWM settings are needed for such materials, but no matter how low I set the PWM, it doesn’t seem to “take”, and I see no difference in how the machine cuts. I was also told that not all power supplies support changing the PWM. Is this true? Do I need a different P/S (mine is MY JG-80W) in order to change the PWM? Or do I have a different problem?

the PWM setting is only for radio frequency tubes, not CO2 analog tubes. So adjustments to the standard 20,000 pwm setting would have no effect.

Ok, that being the case, why is to possible to enter a different value for PWM, that has no effect, in LaserCut 5.3? If I did have a RF laser, would lowering the PWM eliminate (or at least improve) the issue I have cutting sheet cork. Would wetting the sheet help?

It does change the period of the pwm…

The DC high voltage supply uses the pwm to generate an analog voltage to control limit current… So changing the period of the pwm signal doesn’t affect the glass dc excited tubes.

i don’t work for Cloud Ray…

You didn’t mention how thick the cork is… I’ve seen some nice cutout from cork…

How thick, what lens and where is the focus?