Two-red-dots, use one for different lens

Hello Members,
I’m new to this forum and just bought my first fiber laser
(Mopa 60 watts) and a second lens

Now I see that it has two external red dots calibrated for the standard F290 lens
but the laser itself also produced a red dot when the laser was activated

My question is: can I focus one external red dot with the built-in red dot of the laser for my F290 lens
Then I can use the other external red dot along with the built-in laser red dot to focus my F160 lens

I thought I saw it on YouTube with a fiber laser that also had 2 external red dots.

This way I can quickly change lenses and set focus.
I personally don’t find those focus sticks useful to work with.

Good thought… there is no reason you can’t try it.

I am not a Cloud Ray person, I just own an M60 MOPA that I bought from them.

I have 4 lenses. Didn’t seem to me that the spot was always in the same place…

Please let us know what you find …

Good luck


yeah gonna test it after the weekend, can be handy for atleast the two primairy lenses. the F290 and F160 are for now enough to play with.

what lenses do you have jk…

I use the F254 mostly.

  1. F100mm
  2. F160mm
  3. F254mm
  4. F425mm - purchased with machine.


Nice ,
My F420 is on the way.

The red dots can be use for different lenses
center a black card and shot the laser with 1mm dot to mark the card
Then i shutdown the laser and adjusted 1 red dot for this lens (F290)
The other laser i going to adjust later.

I used a transparant shrink tube as a cap.
now only one laser is visible if i change the lens i wil change the cap op the red dot as well.

works perfect :sunglasses:

one screw (blue circle) to losing and move the red dot with your fingers