Switched lenses and nothing happening

I have a 50W JPT and it came with a 300x300 installed. I tried swapping lenses to a 90x90 and it wont mark at all. I set up my workspace in EZcad and still nothing…tried getting my focal point with my Z axis and wont do anything…What am I doing wrong???

After replacing the field lens, the dual red focusing light will not work, you need to manually shake the rotary wheel and keep the laser on until you find the strongest light and it is the correct position. BTW, after replacing the field lens, you need to recalibrate or use the COR file.

How do I recalibrate or use the COR file?

Contact Customer Service to request your 90x90mm COR file. Set it here.

Thank you very much for this. Is this needed I assume with each lens change?

Yes… even with two different 90mm lenses the aberration is different so a correction will be required.

It would be nice to have a one that just worked with every lens focal length …