How do you focus your red laser emitter?

I’ve noticed my red laser is out of focus when I use different lenses. I’ve found a few prior posts about this problem with people telling the OP to focus the laser, but I can’t find anywhere that explains HOW you focus the red laser. Can anyone fill me in on how this is done?

edit: I should also explain I’m not talking about the two converging red beams for the focal distance, I’m talking about the preview marking laser that is projected through the lens.

Do you mean that no preview of the laser project appears after you press “F1”?

Easiest way to do it: when you change lenses, crank up and down the Rotary at the top of the tower, keeping the laser firing at all times at this point. When the brightest point of combustion appears, that’s where the focus of your lens is. BTW, lens calibration is also necessary after changing lenses.
How to accurately adjust parameters after changing lenses.pdf (580.7 KB)

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Here is my machine tag as well as a video explaining my issue.

I’m not talking about the two converging focus lasers. I use a focus stick for my different lenses.

The issue I have is the red framing laser’s focal plane is 50mm higher than my 200mm lens. The red laser’s focal plane does not match any of my lenses so I’m always framing with a blurry frame. Is it possible to set the focus of the red laser itself? Did you possibly leave a combiner inside the arm of this machine that might be affecting it?



It is normal that the focal length of the red light is inconsistent with the focal length of the laser, because the beam pattern of the red light inside the laser is different from that of the laser, and there will be a certain divergence angle that affects the focus position of the focus.

So there is no adjustment possible for the red laser?


The red laser is also emitted from inside the laser, and after many reflections and refractions, the red laser will deviate from the focal position of the fiber laser, a phenomenon that becomes more pronounced the larger the lens you use. If the engraving area is affected by a difference in focal length, you can adjust the scale here to cope with this change.