The bottom is uneven when carving

1.Possible cause analysis of failure:
a, the processing speed is too fast, the laser tube response speed can not keep up.
b, the laser control switch frequency is too low, the laser line segment is too long, is not a point beam, the phenomenon of trailing.
c, the blowing flow is wrong, causing the processing of powder adhesion, the formation of horizontal protrusion.
d, light path deviation or focal length is wrong, generate scattered beam, cause uneven bottom.
e. The selection of focusing lens is not reasonable, so short-focal length lens should be selected as far as possible to improve the beam quality.

a.Frist check the light path,to ensure that the light path is correct.
b.Reduce the processing speed and improve the frequence of the laser output switch.
c.Adjust the air volume of blowinng to ensure no adhesion of powder,and try to use side blowing.
d.Short focal lens should be selected,and the depth of processing should be considered in the focal length adjustment.