New MYJG-150 not compatible with OLD MYJG-150

My old MYJG-150 had a connector and a D4.2mm wire. (Good up to 40KV). The power supply itself was 34KV and 38mA.

So… I figured I would buy the same PS to make the connection easy.
I checked the specks on the web page - identical.

However, the unit I received was anything but. Instead of 34KV 38mA - it was 30 KV and 36mA.

But the bigger problem, is the connector is bigger and does not fit the old connector.

Besides that - it uses 60 KV wire, which is 5.0 mm wide.

So, I can cut the old connector off the laser line, and put on the new connector. But then the connector has an air gap out the back end


so what you’re talking about is here?