MYJG-100 Power Supply - Tuning Ammeter?

  1. Is there a user’s manual for the MYJG-100 power supply?

  2. If I depress the TEST button, how many mA should appear on the LED screen? Is it 24 mA?

  3. Should I adjust the potentiometer on the side of the power supply to get the recommended output? For example, 24 mA?

  4. What is the RJ-45 port (NIC / Network port) on the "bottom of the MYJG-100 power supply and how is it to be used? Is any software needed to access it?

  5. Next to the TEST button, it looks like there is a toggle switch. Is that for 22V or 110V? If so, to which direction should it be moved for 110v?

  6. Is there a benefit to installing an analog ammeter (needle gauge)?

1、Sorry no user‘s manual
2、Without an external potential band, the maximum current output is about 30MA
4、5、Please see the picture
6、purely personal preference

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I have purchased both the CR-90 laser tube, and the MYJG-100 power supply, and I find it is of the poorest professionalism to not provide User Manuals. Each product should NOT be released without a user manual. When will you start including User Manuals?