Mp-20 20w mopa

I got my MP-20 in today and I am trying to get it to work with Lightburn.

I have got it connected to Lightburn, but the text is backwards and some of the settings are incorrect (showing a Raycus source laser, for example).

I am wondering if anyone has this laser and settings for Lightburn. I cannot find anything with a fair amount of Googling.

The full model is YDFLP-20-M8-S-R-C.

Any help is much appreciated!

You can test which is your laser.

I was able to figure out the issue mostly through a lot of trial and error. I am conducting testing on some metal pieces to try to get the colors, but some of the lines per inch are very high! And the 12% power seems low, but I will know more once I have it in place.

Thank you so much for your help. I am grateful!!

If you try to get color markings, you’d better engrave on stainless steels.

I will! Thank you so much.

I suggest you watch these videos for color and how it’s actually created. It’s an annealing process.

These videos will help you substantially. The first if from Russ Sadler the second is from Both are worth watching…

Video from Laser Everything and lays out how to select the best dpi for any laser, material and job…

Good luck