Materials not suitable for laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the category of metal cutting machine, so generally it can only be used to process metal, not non-metallic materials, such as stone, cloth, leather and other materials. The reason is that the wavelength range of the fiber laser cutting machine is no longer within the absorption range of this type of material, or it is not suitable for absorption and cannot achieve the desired effect.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine cannot cut the density board. The fiber laser cutting machine belongs to thermal processing. Cutting the density board will cause burning, which will burn the cutting edge and fail to meet the cutting requirements. This type of material is mainly the raw materials of fiberboard, wood fiber, plant fiber, and some are artificial board made of urea-formaldehyde resin and adhesive. These types of materials belong to the category of density boards and cannot be processed by fiber laser cutting machines at present.

There are also some highly reflective materials, such as copper and other rare metal materials. Although this type of material can be cut with a fiber laser cutting machine, these materials will reflect because the wavelength of the laser is not within the ideal absorption range of these materials. Part of the energy burns out the protective lens, which also requires attention.