Live Focus LFS-PM-T43(M) for non-metal setup?

I recently purchased a used G Weike C02 laser with a 48"x96" bed. It was originally a 280W hybrid metal and non metal machine. It was equipped with a LFS-PM-T43(M) model live focus system. It was overhauled and the original tube and controller were removed and replaced with a Cloudray 6445S Controller and 100W tube. The Live focus system was disconnected. I am trying to get the Live Focus system working again. I have read the manuals and can’t find any reference to how to set up the system for non-metal. There are multiple references to non-metal in the manual but nothing stating how it works. The amplifier is missing and won’t apply anyway because there is no metal to measure the capacitance against. The touchscreen film on the small display on the life focus system doesn’t appear to respond to any input but the display is showing the updating errors.
Can anyone help?