Lens Thickness Help

My laser came with a Cloudray USFL05D18F50 @ 2.2mmET.

I bought USFL05D18F50 online and it came in at 2.0mmET. I asked Cloudray and they say the 2.0mm do not exist in 18mm size but do in 20mm. My laser company Aeon says they still get them from Cloudray. My problem is Cloudray lens retail price is about $35 USD. Aeon sells them for $100 USD!
Thats too crazy.

Where can I get a 2.2mm 18mm lens pictured above?

Does thia matter? Can I use the 2.0mm or does it have to match the tube. Where does the thickness matter? Does it matter for the laser head? What variables are there to consider?


Hello Deex, the 2.0mm do exist in 18mm size.

USA CVD ZnSe Meniscus Focus Lens

What is the laser head you are using now? Under normal circumstances, the new lens can be directly replaced and used. The cloudray product details page has the data specifications of the lens and laser head.

You can search “SarbarMultimedia” on youtube, there are a lot of detailed instructions videos about cloudray products.