Forum Instructions

How To Post Your Problem In The Forum

1.Type ‘Cloudray Laser - Best Laser Community’in the search box or jump from the website.

2.Click ‘Sign up’ to register your account and then use your account to login in.

3.When you enter the forum, you will see that there are many categories, the following is a brief introduction about these categories:

CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving

Fiber Laser Cutting

Laser Marking

Fiber Welding

These are general classifications of laser application fields, and there are many small classifications under each classification. When our category has your corresponding question type, you can ask your question in this category, otherwise you can put it in the FAQ. We will often share some knowledge related to laser under various categories. If you have a problem, you can read and create a post under the corresponding problem, because some problems have been solved in detail before. This will greatly improve the efficiency of problem solving, and at the same time maybe everyone can learn something in the interaction and make like-minded friends.

eg. Ask a question about CO2 cutting.


a.CO2 Laser Cutting & Engraving—Controller

b.+New Topic

c.Creat your topic

After Sales Support

If you have questions about after-sales, then you can raise them in the above categories, or you can raise them here. No matter where you ask the question, we will contact you in time and help you solve it.

Manual & Software Download

This category is read-only. You can download some product manuals and operating software here.

Art Working Sharing

If you have any good ideas or use lasers to create any good works, here is a good sharing channel.

Sell & Wanted

We want to set this as a second-hand trading platform, where you can sell your idle goods or buy other people’s products. The forum provides you with a communication platform, but you need to judge the degree of risk of the transaction.

Site Feedback

If you have any suggestions for the operation of our forum, you can put forward here.

Supplementary note:

We hope to work with everyone to build this forum into an excellent laser knowledge exchange platform. Here your problem will be solved in time, and you will also learn new knowledge during the browsing process, share your experience to help other users solve the problem.

We plan to hold some activities when the number of people in the forum reaches a certain size, and present gifts to active users of the forum. For example, Cloudray shirts or some discount coupons. If you have a good idea, you can also come to the Site Feedback category to communicate with us.

Thank you for your support and have a nice day!