Flag examples are not like on the video, no coloring

i was trying to test the file with the country flags voor color testing but
i dont getting any colors

i have a cloudray mopa 60watt jpt
and wonder why i dont getting those colors that shows in the movie

THis is how i did see it in the movie

i have the color sheet with 75 colors from cloudray but those test dont show any red and green like the flags.

who can help me with some test settings for red and green

Any one have a idea about the setting to get the coloring like the Cloudray flags

It looks like your using a cooking pot lid for a test material. I know the quality of your material maters. Have you tried a different grade stainless? And are you using a F290 Lens?

On a second look you might have your layers backwards. From my understanding this file has a prep wipe layer that has to burn first before the other colors go down over it.

My photo is with the F290 and also tryed the F160
Its a service tray its 304 stainless steel. Same effect on 316 steel. I use cloudray file for it.

But i can try a extra cleanpass.

Thnks for thinking with me :+1: