EM-SMART and setting

This topic to exchange of setting with others users of settings and possiblity with this laser
By example : Some people arrived to marking in color with Em-Smart on stainless
I did tests this day. I saw some différences but it’s not very clear…

This is the test Linh Tran did on his em-smart.

Stainless steel white marking. speed: 1500, power:20, frequency:20

Yes. I had good discussion with him. He help me and yesterday i try this recommandation.

The first information is defocusing !!! After, like he said, lots of setting.

My first tests were not bad…It’s a good begin.

Hello Jason

Stainless steel black marking :

Speed : 50,80

Power : 50

Frequency : 25

Why not create a shared Excel table with this information by adding the type of material marked. It will be useful for all and for beginners like me who will be able to integrate this data into Ezcad ?

This is a very good proposal. I created a new Category–Items engraved & the settings used. Anyone can share works and settings here to help beginners. In the next few days, I will build a shared Excel table with this information by adding the type of material marked, which is only for reference.Do you have any other suggestions?

Thanks !!!

I’m wainting for this excel !!!

My first test on an old pendant and the config with defocusing (found on the net for a 30 W)

Test Power & Speed Grid.zip (80.1 KB)

A bientôt


Looks great.Thank you for sharing,

Hello guy,How do you open ezd files?


With Ezccad and sorry. It wasn’t good file.

(Attachment Color Marking Freq vs Hatch Grid.ezd is missing)

Hello Austin
Sorry. Here is the good file on zip. After unzip, open it with Ezcad.
Color Marking Freq vs Hatch Grid.zip (2.0 MB)

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