Does anyone know if the cloudyray connectors interchangeable?

Does anyone know if the cloudyray connector works with full spectrum muse lasers?

What connector do you mean exactly?

it’s the connector from the tube to the machine. See photo

The cloudyray connector is suitable for full-spectrum muse lasers.
We have two sizes to choose from.Cloudray High Voltage Cable With Connector – Cloudray Laser

So what is the top connector called so I can order the right tube? How long does it usually take to receive since it looks like it is shipped from China.

As you can see from the product details page, this connector has a size difference:4.2mm/5.2mm.
It depends on the diameter of your cable.
Delivery time generally takes about a week.

How do I measure the connector? The top one of the two option look like the one in the photo of my tube. Is the a different link for the connector like mine? Do you know of anyone who has used it with the full spectrum muse?

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Choose according to the diameter of the product cable on your picture