Documentation for 150-500W H Series Laser Heads?

Hi everyone,

does anyone know where i can find any documentaion (manuals, datasheets, Cad-drawings etc) for the 150-500W H Series Laser Heads?
Also, what exactly is the difference between the H-Series H2G and H-Series CO2-Laser Heas? They look the same, except for the color.


Hello,Firespei.Compared with H-Series H2G, H-Series CO2-Laser Heas has improved functionality and is more convenient to use。

In addition, the basic functions of H-Series CO2-Laser Heas and H-Series H2G are the same

Those are for sure NOT the specs for said laser heads. Thats for a Laser tube.
Please send me a Manual or Datasheet or something, please not just a picture.

Hello,Firepei.Sorry for the inconvenience caused by my negligence, I will try my best to elaborate below.

These two models have the same function and are suitable for metal and non-metal CO2 cutting. The laser tube power is above 150W.

Reflective lens: H-Series H2G and H-Series CO2-Laser Heas use D30MM reflective lens.

Focusing lens: H-Series H2G and H-Series CO2-Laser Heas use a diameter of 25mm and a focal length of 63.5 (usually used for metal cutting, follow-up, oxygen catalysis) or 101.6mm (non-metal).

Conventional D28H15 diameter 1.5mm-metal cutting
Raised D28 H15 caliber 3.0mm-non-metallic cutting

Thanks, thats a good start.
How big is the approximate achievable spot size?
Since the head can focus: From where to where can the focus spot be set? (from which point of reference?

If there is no manual, please just say so.



  1. The spot size is determined by the laser tube and the focusing lens.
  2. Setting the focus requires a slider to adjust the Z axis, please set the Z axis on the board. The setting picture is as follows (the Z-axis parameter interface is the same as the X-axis parameter interface)

Regarding this product, we do not have a manual, the details are all on our official website.

No manual or even a datasheet for a 800€ product… Seriously?

Sorry for being a bit rude, but wtf are you thinking?