Cloudray integrated control card


I am about to finalize my order of CF-30 which has a “cloudray integrated control card” and also a “BJJCZ Control board”.

  • The later, I assume to be working fine with Lightburn (with galvo license), correct?

  • The CF-30 is delivered with a touchscreen control panel, which runs with a self-developed software by CloudRay. Can the user transfer files to this controller? or only the files should be generated on that software?

  • Has anyone experience with the “Cloudray integrated control card” and touchscreen controller?

Thanks for your responses and feedback.


If you use an integrated control card with a touch screen, you can directly insert the U disk into the USB port on the back of the machine and upload files. If you want to use lightburn with it, you can replace it with a BZJCZ control card

From what I can tell, if it supports EZCad2, lightburn will run.

If it’s an EZCad3 card it’s not supported by Lightburn…

I have a MP-60 JPT MOPA runs just fine with Lightburn…