Advantages of R401A refrigerant

At present, compared with the most common R22 refrigerant, R410A has many performance advantages and has good heat transfer. Its main performance advantages are reflected in the following aspects:
1.Compared with R22, the R410A system has a significant advantage: the heat transfer of the evaporator is 35% higher, and the heat transfer of the condenser is 5% higher.
2.Its cycle working pressure is about 57% higher than that of HCFC-22, the refrigeration capacity per unit volume is about 43% larger than that of HCFC-22, the refrigeration coefficient is about 7.7% smaller than that of HCFC-22, and the remaining parameters are basically close to HCFC-22.
3.Under the same mass flow rate, the pressure drop of R410A is relatively small.
4.Compared with the R22 system, the system matched with R410A can use a smaller condenser and evaporator, and can reduce the refrigerant charge by up to 30%.
5.The compressor has lower loss during compression, the evaporator and condenser have stronger heat transfer, and the pressure drop in the entire system is smaller. Therefore, in the system with the same cooling capacity and the same condensing temperature, the energy efficiency ratio of the R410A system is (COP) is 6% higher than the R22 system.