30W EasyMarker or AirMarker

I am in the market for purchasing a laser engraver and saw cloudray. I am in the USA and I am debating between a 30W EasyMarker or AirMarker portable fiber. It looks like it uses the same bottom box. There is about a 700-800 premium to the AirMarker. Is there a reason for that or is it premium just for the compactness? Primarily I will be only marking plastic parts with serial numbers, QR codes. 30W maybe overkill but I would like the flexibility if I ever need higher wattage.

Any recommendations?


These two marking machines are similar in performance.
The Airmarker is foldable and looks more flexible,but its price is higher than Eazymarker.
Cloudray has upgraded airmarker.Airmarker 2 generation has a higher cost performance, more in line with your needs.

That uses a max laser and only 20W. The older model uses a better laser and higher wattage. To me Airmaker 2 is not an upgrade if I cant have 30w and a Raycus laser

According to your needs, Eazymarker is more suitable for your needs.

If you prefer Airmaker, I can offer you a certain discount

Currently its online for 3,000. If you want, we can message directly on here