Wiring Digital Control Panel to new power source

I need help explaining the wiring for my new M100 cloudray power source for my homemade laser cutter. Please see attached my hand drawn sketch at the bottom explaining what I have in regards to boards, power supply etc.

-The way I understand it starting with the C3D board is that the laser fire goes to the L on the M100, then the laser ground obviously goes to the G on the M100

-No worries about the analog meter and the negative and positive wires for the tube, I understand that.

-What I’m having issues with is the digital control panel, what wires from that go to what on the new M100 power supply. I’m assuming that I can have more than one wire connected to the same pole on the M100. Somewhere while reading someone mentioned that the digital control panel must have a separate 24v power supply and I cannot use the M100, is that really true???. So if it is then that’s ok that’s no problem…but which wires from my drawing goes to what??

-For the power switch on my drawing the positive goes to the P on the M100 and the negative goes to the G on the M100…right???

Yes I know that I’m using an old digital control panel and should update but heh…I really like it and would like to continue using it