Plummet in laser output power

Hi all, my fiber laser recently experienced a plummet in the output power half a second into a marking sequence. The gif below shows how it has always been (successful):


(please see the reply in this topic for the other picture, im unable to upload more than one gif in this post)

Even though the exact same settings have been used, there are no longer “sparks” and the effects of the process is entirely different. Does anyone have any insights as to why this happens? Thanks!

And the laser power suddenly dropped as seen in this gif:

Please check if it is in focus

Yes I confirmed that it is in focus

You can check the cause through this video. If the problem is still unsolved, it is recommended that you directly contact the after-sales team

Two things, Out of focus or rerunning the project over the same already carved area wont produce the same amount of spark, Or you just burned your laser source by running it above 75% power thus shortening the life of it (rare But it happens).