How to set backlash in RDworks

Scanning appears ghosting, adjust the backlash
Draw a 60X60 box, and the scan interval should be 1 in the scan parameters. Adjust the light power and start scanning. Use a ruler to measure the scanned line, (left+right-), fill in the software setting of the measured number-check the scan (backlash) in the general settings, and add it in (the speed is different, the gap size is different, it depends on Actual setting).
Note: Usually, the mechanical structure problems are ruled out first, such as the belt is too loose, the synchronous wheel is slipping; the motor drive power supply is not enough to lose steps; finally, the response speed of the laser tube or the power supply is considered.
Example diagram of backlash:
Set engraving graphics and scanning gap, power and speed

Add backlash of different speeds

The highlight is the backlash, which may be positive or negative. It is measured according to the actual situation and tested several times to offset the ghosting.