Copper and PCB cutting

Hi, I tried to cut some 0.1mm copper and tested for some PCB with 0.035 Cu. with various settings, low speed high power. No impact at all. Tried with steel, and it was ok. What should I do, which settings etc. I read that the copper reflects. Could I cover it with another material, maybe?
Cheers from Steen

You can try it according to the picture

So with these settings, there is a chance to cut 0.1 mm copper? They seem to be low 10 pct. Power???

You can refer to this video

Hi Joannes,

We tried these settings. They have no impact AT All on copper (but will cut anything else).

In order to cut through very thin copper 0.035mm we had to use settings 90% speed 5 and check “continuous”. After 2 min., you could see an impact and after 20 min it was cut through.

You sent a video which reads copper. It is not. It is clear to see that it is brass. No problems for us to cut brass, either.

Some claims, that another lens than our 420 mm would have to be used.

Can you tell us how to cut, say 0,1 mm copper?

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Steen Ulrik

Joannes via Cloudray Laser skrev den 31.05.2022 10:59:

The video clearly shows brass being cut. Not copper, as we need!


Steen Ulrik

Joannes via Cloudray Laser skrev den 01.06.2022 03:56:

Can you show me the operation video, because the hardness of copper is lower than that of brass, it is reasonable to say that if you can cut brass, you can also cut copper

Thanks. This is a good example, you ask for. We actually cut 0.5mm brass on top of 0.035mm copper. (A rectangle of 5 x 5 mm) The brass was cut, while the “continuous” function was on. The brass was cut ok, but the copper under, was just barely marked. I contunued the operation with speed 5, power 90% continuous, smallest wobble, and after about 20 minutes, the brass was finally cut through.

So something else should clearly be done!


Steen Ulrik

Joannes via Cloudray Laser skrev den 11.06.2022 09:44:

Dear Steen, please send your cut video to my e-mail, I would like to see the specific situation

Sorry, I did not say, that I made a 20 min. video. I just described that I cut for 20 minutes. I thnk the problem is described correctly, so please just give me the solution, thanks.

Br Steen

Joannes via Cloudray Laser skrev den 13.06.2022 03:40:

use the following setup: 20W (95-100% power), 1064nm, 120ns, 20kHz, 100x100mm scan field f-theta, absolutely in focus (measure correct working distance with spot size). The spot diameter is about 42um with this F160 f-theta. A lot of passes. The more rough the surface gets, the better it progresses with the etching.
Look out: Larger scan field would give you larger spot size. The 80W laser even if it is a MOPA, it will give you about the same 10kW peak power as my 20W - you will have to check which pulse length is ideal. However, the shorter the pulse, the less the thermal damage.
you can watch this video:Making a PCB with a Fiber Laser - using Eagle, Illustrator, & EzCad2 - YouTube

Or you can send me both your actual cut photos and the ideal cut photos you want