CLOUDRAY Power Supply for my 80W CO2

I received my brand new generique 80W- CO2 laser cutter. It’s a 220V power with no options for 110V. I am about to purchase a CLOUDRAY 80W Laser Power supply specifically 110V to make my life easier.

  • Question 1 - How to make sure I will be receiving 110V unit, as the product images clearly show all the labels marked 220V
  • Question 2 - How to insure compatibility between CLOUDRAY power supply and the CO2 tube inside my machine beyond it’s an EFR F2 CO2-80W

I’m sorry to tell you that the grounding plug of your machine is 220V, it is useless to replace the laser power supply, you need to remake the power line.
Of course, the power adapter is also possible, but I do not recommend it, this operation is not very safe.
For EFR F2 CO2-80W,I recommend MYJG-80W 110V power supply.

Thank you very much for suggesting the power supply. Although I’ve been running my Laser successfully with our standard North American 240V supply, I will purchase the suggested 110V supply and do the replacement as soon as it arrives.