3mm plywood.Great work from Dariusz Tworek

254dpi, 9000mm / min, plh3d laser 6 watt 0-100%, 180x240mm, clear grayscale

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Very good work, can you share how to carve such a clear picture? thanks :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

1.Laser focus wrongly adjusted (99% of people)
2. photos of poor quality 300pix, 40kb size, even I will not burn well.
3. if your machine cuts 3mm plywood for 2-3 times, it will not burn well in grayscale . I suspect that the spot is large and cuts the material well (I can also position it like this, but no longer will burn such a nice picture)
4. you are using a large dpi of 300 as I am doing 169-127 015-0.2 for an A4 image that’s enough. Such a large dpi burns the lines if the laser is not focused very well.
5. cutting the laser power (because it burns the material …) reduce the spot, set a good focus, set a lower dpi.
6. cheap lasers have inaccurate, deceptive parameters, there is no diode with more power than 7 watts (sometimes they are 2 = 14 watts)
7. dirty guides, loose belts, loose rollers on the laser carriage.
8. Each material burns differently, so you have to do each one
test how it burns (dpi and speed correction, I do not touch the power 0-100%)
9.the laser spot should be a vertical rectangle IIIII if it is horizontal ---- this is wrong, then you burn the Y axis and not the X axis (for me it is strange, better to turn the laser)
10.The material is clean, straight, polished (too large curves affect the colors of gray, you can see the differences in the dark)