The difference between Q-Pulse (Q-switched) fiber laser and MOPA fiber laser

  1. The Q-switched fiber laser has a long cavity length and a wide pulse width of the output laser. During the amplification process, the pulse waveform is difficult to narrow, and the pulse width and repetition frequency are related to each other. The pulse width is generally about 100 ns, and the repetition frequency is about 100 ns. The adjustable range is generally tens of kHz, and the single pulse energy is relatively large, which has certain application advantages in deep marking of metal materials.
  2. The main feature of MOPA pulse laser is that the pulse width and repetition frequency are independently adjustable. The pulse waveform can be flexibly modulated by electrical signals. The pulse width adjustment range is large, generally 1-400 ns, and the repetition frequency adjustment range is 1-2 MHz. , Can achieve peak power output of up to tens of kW, and has obvious application advantages in the fields of fine marking, alumina blackening, and stainless steel coloring.

Do you have anymore information on what settings to use for getting different colors?

The Mopo pulse width and frequency of the laser can be adjusted´╝îit supports color printing.

the merchant provides an operation guide about MOPA, and the color classification is also in it. There are some subtle colors that need to be tested by yourself