Stepper Motor: The difference between 2 phase motor and 3 phase motor

What is the difference between a two-phase stepper motor and a stepper motor?

  1. The number of motor phases refers to the number of coils inside the motor. A two-phase stepper motor consists of 2 coils, while a stepper motor consists of 3 coils.

  2. The step angle of the motor refers to the angle of each step of the motor. Generally, the step angle of the two-phase motor on the market is 0.9°/1.8°, and the usual 0.75°/1.5°.

  3. The size of the motor
    The 3-phase motor is generally a large motor, so the size is generally larger than the two-phase motor, which also determines that the gradual advancement of the motor is more stable than the two-phase motor.

  4. PWM
    The harmonics of the two-phase motor will have the same size and slightly larger than the average value.

  5. Precision
    The subdivision function of the two-phase stepper motor driver is becoming more and more powerful, and the two-phase can also achieve the accuracy that the spindle can achieve.
    The high-speed performance of the primary stepping motor is good (the characteristics are harder), and the step angle is smaller than the two-phase stepping motor, and the accuracy is better. Since the torque decreases slowly with the increase of speed, it is usually used in occasions with high accuracy requirements.